About Us

LabRat Brewing is a small, family run brewery with a passion for producing interesting and lively craft beers from quality ingredients.

We are based in Stonehaven and look to provide a local product to local consumers.  Over the last few years it has been a real honour to see the brewery’s beers get out into the wild and get such enthusiastic feedback from beer lovers.

We had hoped that 2020 (the Year of the Rat) would have been the year to really see us get a bigger presence at beer festivals and events but other events have overtaken us as they have so many others.  We hope that this webshop will act as a way for us to engage in a meaningful and direct way with our customers and maintain a mutual enthusiasm for the fantastic beverage that is beer!

You can contact us at:


Pete MacKenzie – Brewer (Driver, General Dogsbody)